Patient Information


Haiken Dermatology’s approach to service excellence is based on the following C.A.R.E. values which are all common principles for what we believe and achieve in our daily practice with all of our patients (staff/employees, physicians, vendors, and the community):

Compassion – We show empathy towards the needs of our patients by actively listening and responding to what we hear and by conveying care, sensitivity, and understanding for the concerns of others. By showing interest in the patient and anticipating and meeting their needs, we build relationships that create the foundation for Haiken Dermatology as a whole.

Accountability – We promote a culture of responsibility in Haiken Dermatology by our responsiveness and follow through relating to our patients’ wants, needs, and expectations. We further demonstrate this by the accuracy of our work and service, our behavior, and the care we take in our interactions with our patients.

Respect – We promote respect through consideration of others’ viewpoints, feelings, and needs. In all our interactions we treat each person as they want to be treated with an emphasis on maintaining a productive relationship. Through our own conviction for the highest level of integrity and trust in ourselves and others, we are able to engender a quality service environment that reflects a positive framework for the patients of Haiken Dermatology.

Excellence – We are committed in going above and beyond expectations to provide the highest level of service and quality experience with all patients at Haiken Dermatology. We continuously take the initiative in seeking ways to be innovative and growth oriented in our skills and services for the benefit of all our patients.

We look forward to meeting you.

Michael Haiken, MD
Shannen Vixler, ARNP
Allison Tubbs , ARNP